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About Us

Our Story

We’re a small agile team of indie developers, designers and marketers. Together we make mobile products and experiences better.

We want to be better – thats our motto. In everything we do we try to find a better perspective. Our high valued expertise and ever growing clientele prove our best intentions and good will of chosen strategy.

We are driven by values

At Tapetool we are driven by the following values – user comes first, better experiences means better products, problems should be solved not fixed, strategy is better than tactics, strive for the best to achieve better.

Super Efficient

Whatever the task is it could be broken down to simple steps. We’re super efficient at smiple steps 🙂

Deeply Commited

We believe that commitment is key. Without it – everything you do is just some spent time

Highly Skilled

Skill is what make the most promiment thing happen. We use and constantly improve our skillset in evey direction.

Keith Marshall


George Williams


Julia Castillo